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About Euklid

Euklid is the new way to manage savings and investments through thousands of different algorithms with the following characteristics:

• objective, because they are based on concrete data processed with Artificial Intelligence technologies;

• transparent and secure, because it’s based on blockchain a technology which lies at the heart of Bitcoin time stamp and encryption system, that guarantees clients a constant monitoring and an absolute certainty that nobody can manipulate his account;

• fair, because the managers of Euklid-fintech’s service earn only if clients have returns.

Our Algos

Our algorithms are based on the most advanced technologies that reached remarkable results through extensive experimentation and are secured by Euklid LTD exclusive proprietary mathematical models.

Our algos are:
• like fingerprints
• horizontally arranged
• biocomputed
• adaptive to change

The collective psychology of the economic agents that works on specific stock or index leave a fingerprint not recognizable by human eye, but only by Artificial Intelligence models.
Our algos are specifically trained to recognize conservative and innovative behaviours, selecting from chaos and randomness, catching the result of mutual dynamic interaction.
Our algos have not a sequencing horizontal arrangement of the trading rules that is opposed to a vertical arrangement, which implies that, by principle, the same result cannot happen twice, rethinking time by time what are the current trading rules.
Our algos are based on biocomputing, a science linked to maths, physics and biology.
Biocomputing allows to perform calculations involving the storing, retrieving, and processing of data.

The optimization process is ensured by:
• Swarm Intelligence, that catches the logic of a moltitude of informations moving in an apparently disordered manner;

• Neural Networks, interconnecting informations through artificial neurons and processes utilizing a linked calculation approach;

• Genetic Logic, an adaptive system that changes its structure based on external or internal informations flowing through the net during its learning process.

Our algos work like Nature: select and reproduce the fittest model as an evolutionary process.
To analyse the same stock or index we simultaneously use several models based on about 2500 variables which must be varied and exchanged like in a biological selection process, developing them in a long-term cycle.

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Euklid LTD does not operate in any financial transaction in Bitcoin as a currency.

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